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Payroll calculations are performed by our team, which is well-versed in all aspects of labor and social security legislation, and payrolls are distributed to your employees.

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Payroll is a document that lays out the payment made out to the employee for their services by the employer, that shows all taxes and deductions. It is prepared monthly as long as the employee is still working.

For calculating payroll correctly, various parameters regarding employees such as wages, number of days worked, travel and food allowances, private health insurance, Individual Retirement System (IRS) deductions, advances, overtime, annual leave, taxes and SGK (SSI) premium calculations should be tracked regularly.

Additionally, all procedures you are mandated to keep track of such as SGK Declarations, Hiring and Terminating procedures, salary sheets, Individual Retirement System (IRS) sheets, severance/notice pay calculation and other requirements are part of the payrolling services.

With the payrolling service we provide as Değer; your need for other human resources consulting services is eliminated, your staffing costs are reduced, you receive services from experts with a full grasp of all aspects of legislation, you are informed of the additional social security Incentives for which you qualify, you save time and can focus on your main business activities.

Technopark (R&D) Payroll

Various tax and social security Incentives are available for wages of employees working in Technology Development Areas (Technopark) and R&D Centers. Therefore, running payroll for employees working at such companies requires having a full grasp of not only Work and Social Insurance legislation but also Technology Development Area and R&D and Design Activities legislation.

By particularizing the scope of our outsourced payrolling services for R&D payrolling services we:

  • Determine the number of days subject to exemption with the weekly work duration we obtain from the Technoportal or R&D portal.
  • Correctly calculate the amounts of incentive with regards to income tax, stamp tax and SGK,
  • Inform you of other obligations brought on by R&D legislation,
  • Provide suggestions for reducing your costs.

Social Security Incentives

Various social security (SGK) incentives are announced with the aim of increasing employment, reducing informality or getting certain groups to join the workforce. The defined SGK Incentives enable companies to reduce their staffing costs by taking advantage of premium discounts. With the opportunities provided periodically, the amount for previously offered incentives is refunded to the companies provided they had not taken advantage of said incentive. You may be entitled to some of these incentives if you hire young, additional or out-of-workforce personnel.
For taking thorough advantage of SGK Incentives, it is necessary to stay up-to-date on legislation, identify the required employee and employer conditions, upload SGK declarations with the appropriate law numbers and sustain regular communication with the institution.
With the SGK Incentive Consulting service we provide;

  • Using technology to identify all SGK Incentives for which you qualify.
  • Our SGK Legislation team meticulously tracks your documentation procedures.
  • We assist you in lowering your costs and making better use of your company’s resources.

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