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About Us

Değer is here to assist you in implementing change with an enthusiastic workforce.

What kind of financial advisory firm are we?

We are a financial consulting firm that values knowledge, closely monitors its transactions, generates ideas that add value, and makes it a culture to train new colleagues who specialize in their fields.

We are a reachable team that believes in long-term business partnerships, values the confidentiality of company information, reports risk and error detections in transactions transparently, and prioritizes delivering the right information in a timely manner.

When our services are required in multiple countries, we respond quickly through the BOKS International global network.

We meet your needs, which require varying levels of professional expertise, through Ventera Partners‘ consultants.

Which businesses do we serve?

To companies with foreign capital, with our guidance on local legislation compliance and customized reports.

To technology and game companies, with our expertise in technopark / R&D center legislation and practices.

With our knowledge of international financial reporting standards and experience in tax procedural law, we assist companies operating in the crypto-asset industry.

To production companies, because of the importance we place on the reporting calendar and the consulting we provide to internal units.

With our industry experience and command of accounting practices, we provide services to construction and tourism companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with services in accounting, tax, and social security that they require in their business lives while maintaining high quality standards, adding value to their company by offering consultancy in those fields, and being a company that raises highly qualified individuals who specialize in their fields.

Meet our staff