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By fusing our expertise with practical approaches, we create solutions that go above and beyond client expectations.


Technopark Consultancy

R&D activities are the most important factors in increasing an enterprise’s competitiveness, ensuring operational efficiency, and aiming for high profit margins. Technopark companies and R&D centers are given incentives it helps to reduce various tax and cost items such as income tax, corporate tax, value added tax, income withholding, customs tax, and social insurance premiums. We ensure that you make the most of the incentives by the Technopark Consultancy service while avoiding erroneous practices and protecting you from the risks of tax penalties.

Tax Consultancy

The concept of tax planning has emerged due to the efforts of determining and taking advantage of the rights provided by the law. This process cuts down the tax costs of the taxpayers.

With tax planning, the tax advantages are utilized to their fullest extent and tax costs are managed in compliance with the legislation.

The tax management method shaped by our tax partners through their experience in the public and private industries are combined with the tax-related risks and opportunities of your company.
We ensure the development of a robust tax management structures by our expert staff in different tax laws. We prevent you from encountering unnecessary tax interest and penalties while making sure you take maximum advantage of your rights as a taxpayer. The opportunities outside of your main activities also begin to become economic value for your company.

Start-up Consultancy

Startups that set out to work with small teams and low budgets have the potential for rapid growth through the high value added solutions they create in areas like technology, digital media, mobile gaming, block chain, finance, communication and retail. The rapid growth and phase of preparation for investment processes lead them to corporate practices that will not hinder the dynamic decision making and application structures.

It is crucial for the company to get support from mentors in cases where there are no people who come from a finance background, have a full grasp of start-up ecosystem dynamics and experience among the start-up founders who successfully complete the development of the product or project.

We prepare the corporate infrastructure of companies for a successful Series A funding phase with the provided support in areas like start-up consulting, financial reporting systems, tax consultacy, grant and incentive tracking and seed funding.

We help start-ups reach their vision through its financial, technical, legal experience and connections of angel investors and international investment networks geared towards Technoparks and R&D Centers.

International Consulting

With our experienced staff and international business partners, we incorporate companies in Delaware, Amsterdam, London, and Dubai, and we ensure the continuity of your company with accounting and legal services provided in these countries.
In terms of tax legislation, we provide you with information on local legislation and determine the best model for you to expand abroad.

We contribute to the development of the most appropriate model for your international taxation needs, as well as flip up your start-up.

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